Since the HSE's National Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults was launched, many people have told us that they wish they had had better information about Adult ADHD from the very start.


The HSE National Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults and ADHD Ireland would like to express sincere gratitude to all the adults with ADHD, families and partners who provided ideas, content, feedback, and time to help us develop this app.


Any information that you input into this App with the My Planner section is stored on your smartphone only.

References for App Content

The educational content about ADHD and self-help tips on this app are based on published, peer-reviewed research. The specific topics chosen in this app were selected following research conducted in the University College Dublin School of Psychology, in collaboration with the HSE National Clinical Programme and ADHD Ireland. The app itself is also being evaluated to see how useful/helpful it is.