HSE Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults

  • The HSE National Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults is part of the Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division.
  • It aims to provide assessment and treatment for adults with ADHD because of the absence of such services in Ireland.


  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Access
  • Quality
  • Economic gains

Core values

  • Work in partnership with service users
  • Provide comprehensive skilled assessment
  • Evidence-based care and treatment

Read more about the National Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults here

Watch an actor from UCC Drama Society share the story of a young people with ADHD, their journey in seeking a diagnosis and access to pharmacological and psychosocial interventions:

HSE Model of Care for ADHD in Adults

The Model of Care for the National Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults was launched in January 2021.

It outlines the plans for the programme and the evidence-based for assessing ADHD and interventions for ADHD.

The graphic below demonstrates the pathway for accessing the clinical programme services:

A diagram of the HSE's clinical pathway for adults with ADHD

The Model of Care will operate like this:

  1. New referrals of people for the assessment of possible ADHD will be referred by their GP to their local Adult Mental Health Team.
  2. Other referrals or current attendees with symptoms that suggest ADHD will also be assessed.
  3. Those who screen positive for ADHD will be referred to the ADHD Adult Clinic (which will be established in each mental health area) for a detailed assessment.
    • See the assessment page for details.
    • There will be a feedback session to discuss whether the assessment confirmed ADHD or not.
    • If it did, the discussion will include recommended interventions.
    • If someone has significant mental illness difficulties, they’ll be treated by their Adult Mental Health Team first.
    • They’ll then be re-screened by the team and if necessary, referred back to the ADHD Clinic.
  4. Interventions will be provided by the ADHD Clinic. Read more about them in our intervention guide.

You can find the full Model of Care here.

Partner Organisations

The HSE National Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults is in partnership with the College of Psychiatrists Ireland and ADHD Ireland.

It also has links with researchers in University College Dublin.


ADHD Ireland logo

ADHD Ireland is a charity that provide up-to-date information, resources, support and networking opportunities to individuals with ADHD, parents of children with ADHD and the professionals who serve them.

 Find out more about their supports by clicking here.



College of Psychiatrists of Ireland logo

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland is the professional body for psychiatrists in the Republic of Ireland.

Their mission is to promote excellence in the practice of psychiatry. 

Find out more by clicking here.



UCD School of Psychology logo

Researchers in the UCD School of Psychology are linked with the National Clinical Programme.

The UCD School of Psychology is a leading centre for research, teaching and professional training in psychology in Ireland. 

Read more about the UCD School of Psychology by clicking here.