How can I support any organisational challenges I may have?

  • If working memory differences pose a challenge for you, it can be helpful to externalise your to do by making it physical and not trying to hold it in your mind. For example, having physical to do lists written out, or a calendar with deadlines hanging on the wall beside you. Carrying a small journal and pen with you everywhere so you can write down ideas and tasks, and help you to access information and reminders if you forget.
  • Make time ‘real’. It can be easy to lose track of it with executive functioning differences like time blindness, especially as adult ADHDers when hyperfocusing. Alarms can help as reminders to start or stop a task. Chunking time can be useful to maximise attention regulation, rather than pushing our brains too hard.  One way to do so is to set an alarm for 25 minutes, during which you tackle the task in a burst and then take 5 minutes break.
  • Bodydoubling can help with motivation to get tasks done and has been shown to be especially beneficial for adults who have ADHD. This typically involves identifying a task that needs to be done, working in a shared physical or virtual space for a certain amount of time and then sharing what you accomplished during this time. This helps with accountability and reduces feelings of isolation. Focusmate provide a body doubling service you might like to try, which you can learn more about by clicking this link to their website here. Or you can bodydouble with a friend, co-worker, or someone you feel could also benefit from it!
  • Create a schedule that best works for you, with planned breaks and time for relaxing and having fun – creating time for self-care and minding yourself will really help to maintain structure as long-term it can be very difficult to focus only on ‘productivity’.